Our Experiences




He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.” - Buddha






The following excerpts are from men who have experienced Men Alive. Please feel free to send us your experiences from past Men Alive gatherings:

“Men Alive has been huge for me.  It’s a huge gift to the community too, I think.  I’ve been involved and come and gone for 15 years or so.  In our weekend retreats twice a year, I get to spend some time being real with other men, talking about what is really important, what is most profound to me.  I get to hear other men talking about their lives and really connecting with each other.  I don’t feel so isolated in the world.  Also, the group led to me becoming involved with a smaller weekly men’s group for many years. There is a lot of caring and creativity that gets stirred up in me with this group." - Anonymous

"One story that tells what happens for me at Men Alive:  I was sitting in one of the open spaces in the lodge at Windridge Camp, where the retreat was held for many years, and there was a fire going.  It was in-between activities.  All around me were men making music, or talking intently, leaning in toward each other, or they were in their own thoughts. People came by and sat with me and we would talk.  There was this sense of freedom to explore and connect.  I didn’t have to be anything for anyone at that moment, and I could see all these other men allowing themselves to do that too.  My heart felt full and was brimming over with appreciation for these creative people.  I felt relaxed and at home with myself and connected.  It was a great feeling.” -Craig

"No less than a life-saving, energy-generating, loving gift falling out of the heavens at just the right time. After a brutal series of  empty nest/second divorce/total relocation/moving syndromes, my first Men Alive weekend in September 2000 gave me a sense of belonging sorely needed in my life. That sense of belonging, community, connection, safety, and warmth that seems to evaporate so quickly in modern life was so evident in the very first hour of my Men Alive experience and has been sustained to this very hour. Through talking and singing and dancing and drumming, the senses of support, acceptance, and permission both given and received is most precious to me. A place and time where I can continue to bring all of myself." -Gene